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This is where I point people that ask me what I like to shoot. I don't have a precise answer but the following is close.


Basically, I shoot whatever strikes my interest at the time and place I happen to be. This could be a person in the street or it could be the street itself.


Sometimes it's a building or just part of the building. Other times, it's a design I see within a scene.


Most of the time I shoot what the camera sees and other times I shoot what my minds eye sees. This usually requires back end help from Photoshop or Lightroom..


I don't normally shoot portraits, but on occasion will take them for family and friends. If I do take "people" pictures, it's in what I call "environmental". I'm shooting them in their normal working environment..


I don't specifically shoot to sell my work although I have sold some pieces. If you do find something you like, contact me for pricing. My philosophy is this:


"Shoot what you like because you will ultimately be stuck with it"


I currently live in Fairhope, AL but spent the last 28 years in Memphis TN. You'll see that a lot of my pictures come from that area. I'm guessing that in the next 28 years I'll take a few coastal photos.

Now, as Elvis would have said:

"Thankya, thankya very much"

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